Chart visualization for the metagenomic and genomic analysis tools AMPHORA2 and AmphoraNet

AmphoraVizu can visualize outputs generated by the metagenomic and genomic analysis tool AMPHORA2 or its webserver implementation AmphoraNet.

AMPHORA2/AmphoraNet output: [?]Select an AMPHORA2/AmphoraNet output file.
Lowest taxonomic rank: [?]Select the lowest taxonomic rank you are interested in.
Chart type:
Show advanced options
[?]The Column Chart shows the distribution of phylotypes for each marker gene.
The Pie Chart shows the consensus distribution (averages of the distributions for each phylotype).
Column ChartPie Chart

Using AmphoraVizu step by step

  1. Upload an AMPHORA2 or AmphoraNet output file.
    Sample input file (HMP - buccal mucosa metagenome analysed by AmphoraNet). More input files
  2. Select the lowest taxonomic rank which you are interested in.
  3. You can use the advanced options choose the display mode, the lower bound for the confidence, the average share and the title. There is a link to display these options.
  4. Click the "Visualize!" button. You will see a chart immediately (if it is not too wide to display in miniview). Then click "Magnify" for the magnified chart. You can download a HTML file with the chart as well. Sample outputs: Column Chart, Pie Chart.

More details and help

For or more details please check these links and article:

If you have any questions or ideas related to AmphoraVizu, please feel free to contact us (, Csaba Kerepesi) or visit the AmphoraVizu forum topic on Biostars.

Open-source AmphoraVizu

The open-source version of AmphoraVizu is downloadable from here: Also available on GitHub.

Terms of use

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Csaba Kerepesi, Balázs Szalkai, Vince Grolmusz. Visual Analysis of the Quantitative Composition of Metagenomic Communities: the AmphoraVizu Webserver. Microbial Ecology, April 2015, Volume 69, Issue 3, pp 695-697,