Sequence classification using deep learning

SECLAF is a complete amino acid and DNA sequence analysis framework. SECLAF allows you to train and test deep neural networks for multi-label classification of biological sequences, and is free and open source. This is an online demonstration of SECLAF, performing Gene Ontology and UniProt family classification. more...

[?]Upload a text file containing one sequence per row, or a FASTA file.  

Model (how to classify?): [?]Please select a model (pre-trained neural network) for classification.  

How does it work?

SECLAF is an open-source application for training deep neural networks on biological sequence data. This online version allows you to try out models pre-trained with SECLAF on your own collections of sequences.

The input should be a list of amino acid (protein) sequences. It can be either a simple text file, containing one sequence per row, or a FASTA file. The maximum allowed number of sequences per file is 1000, and the file size may be at most 16 MB.

You can then choose a pretrained model (neural network) from a list. SECLAF will run the selected model on these sequences to classify them.

Technical details: SECLAF is a free and open source neural network training, testing and inference framework designed to help bioinformaticians with evaluating models on multi-label sequence classification tasks. This is a website where you can try out some example models trained with SECLAF. The toolchain is run on a GPU in our high-performance server computer. 10 requests are allowed per day per user.

Please cite us if you use SECLAF.

Download SECLAF

Here you can download the offline version of SECLAF.
Prerequisites: Linux, Python, CUDA 8.0 with cuDNN 5.1. Several packages (numpy, tensorflow-gpu, etc.) need to be installed with pip. A state-of-the-art GPU is highly recommended.
Pretrained models for Gene Ontology and Uniprot families classification are available here. (See the examples folder in

How to cite?

Balazs Szalkai, Vince Grolmusz: Near Perfect Protein Multi-Label Classification with Deep Neural Networks, Methods (2017),

Balazs Szalkai, Vince Grolmusz: SECLAF: A Webserver and Deep Neural Network Design Tool for Biological Sequence Classification, arXiv preprint arXiv:1708.04103

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