Find uniprot codes for a KEGG reaction in a specific organism.

KEGG Reaction ID:

KEGG Taxonomy ID:


This little application finds the UniProt IDs for a given reaction from the KEGG database. You have to provide KEGG ReactionID (consisting of the letter 'R' followed by five digits) and KEGG taxonomy ID (three letters, e.g. HSA = Homo Sapiens). For the latter, you may (and are recommended to) start to type the name of species (e.g. 'homo sa...', 'mycob...', 'mus mu...') and the website will offer possible KEGG taxonomy IDs.


A table containing the UniProt codes that have the same Enzyme Commission (EC) numbers as the enzyme(s) catalizing the particular reaction. The table also contains KEGG orthology and Gene Name.


Reaction code: 'R00253', KEGG taxonomy ID: 'MTU' (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, strain H37Rv)