Giant Virus Finder

The Giant Virus Finder is a software package for finding  giant viruses in metagenomes.

The latest version for Linux:  GiantVirusFinder latest version.

Our results using Giant Virus Finder:

1. Giant Virus Toplist

The list of the largest virus genomes: Giant Virus Toplist.

2. Giant viruses in the Kutch Desert

Using the Giant Virus Finder we have found giant viruses in the metagenomes from the saline desert of Kutch. Our results are available here:

3. Giant viruses in the 16 soil metagenomes from the Mojave Desert, the Prairie, the Tundra and the Antarctic Dry Valleys

Using Giant Virus Finder we discovered giant viruses in the 16 soil metagenomes. Our results are available here:


If you have any questions or ideas related to the Giant Virus Finder please feel free to contact with us (, Csaba Kerepesi) or visit the official support topic on the Biostars.

How to cite:

If you publish anything using the output of the Giant Virus Finder software, you are asked to cite the following publications: