Note: Some of the older links to the press appearances are deleted by the media outlets. In that case you can still view the feature by clicking on the “cached version” link.

Media coverage of our work: “Gluing GAP to RAS Mutants: A New Approach to an Old Problem in Cancer Drug Development”

Radio report, broadcasted on April 5, 2024 on MR1 Kossuth Radio “TrendidĹ‘k” (in Hungarian):

Radio report, broadcasted on March 5, 2024 on InfoRadio “Sigma” (in Hungarian):

Press appearances:

Media reflections to our work “Discovering Sex and Age Implicator Edges in the Human Connectome

Long interview with Vince Grolmusz on brain & mathematics

Appeared in “Élet Ă©s Tudomány,: link.

Media coverage of our publication: Succinct Amyloid and Non-Amyloid Patterns in Hexapeptides

Online articles:

Media coverage of our publication: Introducing and Applying Newtonian Blurring: An Augmented Dataset of 126,000 Human Connectomes at

Online articles:

Media coverage of our publication: The Frequent Complete Subgraphs in the Human Connectome

On the television:

On the Hungarian Television Channel M5 “HiradĂł”, September 9, 2020:

On radio:

In the “FelfedezĹ‘” on Hungarian Radio 1 Kossuth, September 17, 2020:

Online articles:

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